Health Authorities

Health services in Saskatchewan are delivered by 12 regional health authorities.  Major services of responsibility include:

  • Hospitals
  • Health centers, wellness centers and social centers
  • Emergency response services, including first responders, ambulance
  • Supportive care, such as long-term care, day programs, respite, palliative care and programs for patients with multiple disabilities
  • Home care
  • Community health services, such as public health nursing, public health inspection, dental health, vaccinations and speech pathology
  • Mental health services
  • Rehabilitation services

Legislation creating the new RHAs, Regional Health Services Act, was proclaimed on August 1, 2002. The new RHAs replace the previous 32 health districts and will help reduce duplication and improve province-wide planning and delivery of health services.

Regional Health Authorities

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Sun Country RHA Five Hills RHA Cypress RHA Regina Qu'appelle RHA Heartland RHA Sunrise RHA Saskatoon RHA Kelsey Trail RHA Prince Albert Parkland RHA Prairie North RHA Mamawetan Churchill River RHA Keewatin Yatthe' RHA health authorities


SEMSA prides itself on the commitment to the Health Authorities and the partnerships it has.

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