Shamrock Ambulance Care - ACP - Casual - Wadena

POSTING DATE: February 25, 2019



MIdway Ambulance Care
PO Box 1179
Wynyard, SK S0A 4T0

PSCS's Job Corner

Are you looking for qualified EMS practitioners for your service? Are you looking to advertise a job opening with your service?  If so, look no further. PSCS is offering a resource for employers to advertise positions and review submitted resumes.

Members of PSCS can contact the office by phone, mail or e-mail to arrange to have a position posted. Postings e-mailed should be sent in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

If you would like to post your resume with PSCS send your resume to the office by mail, or submit it via e-mail in Microsoft Word of PDF format and we will add it to our database for a term of six months.  If you would like it removed earlier, please contact us, but if no communication is made within six months, it will be removed. If you would like it to remain longer, please resubmit it after each term.

All resumes submitted will be available to members of PSCS only. Resumes are kept secure and confidential.

EMS is a growing industry that requires skilled practitioners of all levels of paramedics and healthcare professionals. Maybe you don't have a paramedic license yet? Maybe you were just thinking about being a paramedic?

Visit Saskatchewan Polytechnic for more information on how to become trained in Paramedicine!