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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Saskatchewan has it's own particular challenges due to our geographical land base of 650,000 sq.kms, with a population base of just under one million residents served.  EMS serves its communities through 110 ambulance services, 250+ ambulance units, 1000 registered First Responders, 1420+ registered EMR's, EMT's, EMT-A's and Paramedics.  These practitioners respond to an average of 92,000+ calls a year.

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When a pat on the back just doesn't seem enough, recognize your colleagues with Saskatchewan's or Canada's honours and awards. Let us celebrate Saskatchewan EMS through the professional recognition of our outstanding achievements.

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SEMSA Annual Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to all of the award recipients and to their families.  Your efforts continue to build a bright and prosperous future for all Emergency Medical Services professionals in the Province of Saskatchewan.

A thank you to Her Honour the Honourable Vaughn Solomon Schofield Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan for hosting the ceremony.  A thank you to the staff in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor for their assistance in planning the ceremony.

The Governor General of Canada EMS Exemplary Service Medal recipients each receive a medal and certificate for recognition of 20 years of exemplary service.  The Governor General's EMS Exemplary Service Medal is Canada's highest EMS honour.

The Second Award of the Governor General of Canada EMS Exemplary Service Medal-First Bar recipient receives a bar and certificate recognizing an additional 10 years of exemplary service to compliment their medal.

The Stars of Life award recipients each receive a hand crafted glass sculpture expressly commissioned for this ceremony.  The award is crafted by Randy Bergman, Uniquely Sculptured Glass, Little Bear Lake, Saskatchewan.

Governor General of Canada EMS Award of Exemplary Service Medal 2014

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Have you thought about nominating and recognizing an employee or colleague for their dedication in EMS?  Now is the time to do it!

Attached is the SEMSA Professional Recognition Awards & Scholarships Application Form.  

Take a few minutes and nominate a worthy dedicated EMS professional.  If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to contact us.


Recognizing EMS Personnel in Saskatchewan

The Professional Recognition Committee has been working towards the recognition of all EMS personnel in Saskatchewan.  In the year 2013, SEMSA  presented 52 awards to EMS professionals throughout the province.

Governor General of Canada EMS Exemplary Service Medal
Governor General of Canada EMS Exemplary Service Medal - First Bar
Stars of Life Award
Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal
SEMSA EMS Service Awards
George Beaulac Memorial Award
SEMSA Memorial Scholarship
 SEMSA Scholarship 1