Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is comprised of several directors and ad hoc members.  These individuals branch off from each other to focus on specific goals of membership services.

The more recent projects worked on were:

  • Developing and Maintaining the Website
    SEMSA continues to strive the best we can to meet the needs of all its members through the website.  Though it continues to develop and grow with the help of all its members, the goal is to keep the most current information available with a place for EMS administrators to draw on resources for their service.
  • The SIAST Program Advisory Committee
    The committee strives to meet annually to discuss SIAST's direction for the Emergency Health Care Department programs and to make recommendations for further development in these programs.  We anticipate an active next few years with a continual effort towards EMS's role in the national strategy for Primary Health Care.

There is much, much more that the Professional Development Committee is working on and continuing to work on, but we could always use YOUR HELP! Contact us if interested!

Terms of Reference

SEMSA Committee Goals

SEMSA's committees and its members are responsible for different objectives and components of the association.

It is part of SEMSA's commitment to try to keep the membership informed on progress in specific areas, as well as act as a resource for members, non-member's and visitors for information regarding our association, and environments we work in.