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FORD Offer Gasoline Ambulances in 2010
Article (click here)

Dear Partners in Farm Safety,

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) has partnered with Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd. and the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) to develop an on-line library of approximately 80 farm safety photos to be hosted on the CASA web site .. You are being asked to contribute photos for consideration in the library.. Please forward your photos by Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008.

Digital Photos and Electronic Files: All electronic files must be a minimum of 300 dpi, jpeg or tiff format preferred, and should be approximately 4-5" wide. Colour files can be CMYK or RGB. Either PC or MAC is okay. (Note: We cannot use images at web resolution of 72 dpi.) The graphic designer can accept e-mail files not larger than 4 or 5 mg, which is one photo at a time  - anything bigger should be sent on disk, CD or Zip disk by courier to Theresa as below. If e-mailing photos or if you have any technical question, please send to:  Bark Productions Inc. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 1-877-370-2275.

Hard Copy Photos or Slides: Prints should be no smaller than 4" x 5" and not larger than 8" x 10" and on glossy paper if possible. For slides, 35mm is preferred. Please attach a label or post-it note to the back of each photo stating your name, organization, and return address. Please do not write on the back of your photo because it will show through on the scanner. All of your photos will be returned to you. Please send them to:  

Theresa Whalen-Ruiter
CFA Farm Safety Coordinator
4401 Eighth Line Road,
Ottawa, Ontario  K1G 3N4

Photo credits will be embedded into the photo formatting so they cannot easily be removed. Please indicate the name of the photographer and the name of the business or organization that the photo was contributed by, so they can be recognized. An example of the photo credit would be: "Photo by Theresa Whalen-Ruiter, courtesy of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture."

Contributors whose photos are selected for use in the on-line library will be asked to sign a Contributors Agreement. This formality is needed so that newspapers, and other users of the on-line library, can be confident that they are not infringing on anyone copyrights as long as they use the photos for the promotion of farm safety. In simple terms, the agreement says that you own the copyright to the photo and give permission for it to be used for free on the on-line library as long as you get credit for the photo, and the photo is used for the promotion of farm safety. There will also be a Terms of Use Agreement on the CASA web site that outlines the limits of free use for the photos, such as not being used for commercial endeavours. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me any time. Thank you. 

Theresa Whalen-Ruiter, CFA Farm Safety Coordinator

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: (613) 822-0016

Ferno Stretcher Alert

Alert Notice Document (click here)

Additional Info (August 15, 2008)

Patient Safety in Emergency Medical Services Research Paper

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) and the Emergency Medical Services Chiefs of Canada (EMSCC), together with the Calgary EMS Foundation, have jointly identified a significant gap in the current understanding of patient safety in emergency medical services. A coordinated and collaborative approach to exploring and addressing the need for new knowledge in this field has therefore been undertaken. CPSI, EMSCC and the Calgary EMS Foundation are pleased to announce the following Request for Proposals: "Patient Safety in Emergency Medical Services". The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to invite interested researchers to submit a detailed proposal that will enable the EMSCC, CPSI and Calgary EMS Foundation to select the researchers that it determines are best suited to complete the project.

To obtain more information please visit our website at

Deadline for submissions: August 31, 2008

Please forward this information to potential interested colleagues

Alberta News Release

Government moving ambulance services under Alberta's health system

Click Here for more information!

Heartland Regional Heath Authority Media Release on NEW GPS Implementation

Media Release (04/09/08)

New Partnership to Improve Health Care for First Nations

Memorandum of Understanding Document


Ford is conducting a voluntary customer safety recall of approximately 1.18 million 1997-2003 model year Ford F-Super Duty trucks, E-Series vans and Excursions currently registered in the U.S. due to a concern over robustness of the cam position (CMP) sensor that may result in degraded engine performance including hesitation, stumble or stalling.

This may not apply to most Canadian ambulances, but some imported from U.S. manufacturers.

Bayer Diabetes Care notified healthcare professionals and consumers of a voluntary market recall of test strips (sensors) used exclusively with the Contour TS Blood Glucose Meter. The product was recalled because test strips from specific lots could result in blood glucose readings with a positive bias that could demonstrate 5 - 17% higher test results. This issue is unrelated to the Contour TS meter itself and pertains only to certain test strips used with the meter. There is no impact on the performance of strips with other Bayer meters.

Healthcare professionals, retailers, patients and other customers who use Contour TS are advised to check the lot number of the test strips in their inventory and contact Bayer Diabetes Care for information regarding the return and replacement of strips. See the manufacturer's press release for specific product lot numbers affected by this recall.

Read the complete 2007 MedWatch Safety Summary including a link to the manufacturer’s press release regarding this issue:

Tentative Agreement Reached between SAHO and HSAS! (News Release)

Crestline BNQ Certification!

FYI...Groundbreaking Agreement Puts Paramedics on Winnipeg Fire Trucks! (click here)

Advanced Paramedic Training SAVES LIVES: study (click here for CTV story)

OPALS Study Document

OPALS Press Release

The Canadian Food for the Hungry organization with offices in Saskatoon will collect any used medical equipment. You don't have to save it up at your end as they have a huge warehouse in Saskatoon.

Ford Motor Company has reached a settlement with International to resume production of the 6.0L diesel engine later this fall in the 2008 model year Econoline vans and cutaway chassis. Crestline will continue to lead the ambulance manufacturing industry in offering you a choice between Ford Diesel, Chevy Gas and Chevy Diesel chassis choices on selected models.

For further information regarding Ford’s announcement, please contact your Crestline sales representative.

Settlement Document

Call for Committee Positions!  Do YOU want to get involved with your INDUSTRY?
- Community Development Committee (click for more details)
- Professional Development Committee (click for more details)

The Future of EMS in Canada

Bruce Farr, president of the EMS Chiefs of Canada, released a White Paper on the status and future direction of emergency medical services (EMS) in Canada. The purpose of the White Paper is to outline the direction policy makers must take to develop a comprehensive, effective system of community-based pre-hospital care across Canada.

EMS Strategy Document

EMSCC Backgrounder

EMSCC News Release

Call for HELP with HISTORY!

A book is being written and a website developed about the history of ambulances in Canada and the author is looking for input and help in some research.

Peter Adsten (formerly of Crestline Coach) is searching for photos of ambulances from 1950 to 1970 as well as information concerning the Saskatchewan Road Ambulance.  If anyone can be of some help, please contact Peter Adsten. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

METI Man Make his Debut in Saskatoon at MD Ambulance!

Click Here for the media coverage!

Crestline Chassis Disruption Notice!  Click Links for Additional Information!

Crestline Announcement/Letter

Crestline Demo Brochure

Ford Notice

Plane Crash in Northern Saskatchewan Kills Pilot and Injures Three

Poor Weather Could be a Factor (click for more details)



A television producer is looking for medics who have tales to tell about off duty medical calls. Nicole Lawson, who works for Dreamfilm, said she is interested in how practitioners handle emergency situations while off duty. The stories will be re-enacted for airing. Dreamfilm collaborates on TV series and documentaries with networks such as CBC, Knowledge Network, Life Network, HGTV and Oxygen (US).

To email your story: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Due to the overwhelming response, SAHO WHS&E Services will be offering two more sessions of the Harassment Train-The-Trainer (TTT) course.

Check out our Training and Education Page for More Details!



PAC-Paramedic Association of Canada NOCP Review/Survey

As you know, the Paramedic Association of Canada is in the process of completing a review and revisions to the National Occupational Competency Profiles. As the owner of the profiles used for CMA accreditation purposes, the industry expectation is that PAC will review the NOCP on a 5-7 year cycle to ensure it accurately reflects the profession. The final process in validating our work to date is to solicit additional stakeholder input and comments. We’ve chosen to undertake that process by way of utilizing an on-line survey tool.

Although the survey has been circulating for at least two weeks now, responses have been slow to come in. It’s crucial that we ensure we’ve properly validated our work prior to asking the PAC Board of Directors to accept the revised document. I’m hoping you can help distribute the following survey links and encourage Saskatchewan EMS practitioners across your province to take time to contribute to their profession and the NOCP revision process.

Further Questions or concerns, please contact Eric Glass (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



The Health Council of Canada has released a report with case studies of five communities where primary health care teams are addressing the needs of people with chronic diseases like diabetes, chronic pulmonary disease, heart disease, cancer, mood disorders and arthritis.

Getting It Right: Case Studies of Effective Management of Chronic Disease Using Primary Health Care Teams looks at team-based care in: Calgary, Alberta; Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; Truro and Halifax, Nova Scotia; and Espoo, Finland. To read about the successes and challenges for both patients and health care providers we invite you to click here to view the full report on the Health Council of Canada website


Heartland EMS services are very pleased to be able provide our clients with a means to communicate with care givers when they are unable to do so.

SUBHAS C. MAHARAJ, the creator of Pictosho, a pictorial communication tool, has included some information about this booklet that SEMSA may choose to share with its membership.

Subhas asked me if I would share the PictoSho information with other Health Regions and ambulance services and SEMSA is a great venue to do that. Subhas does not charge for PictoSho so the only cost associated is printing.

We piggybacked our print job with MD Ambulance and could be an option for other services/HDs. If you are interested, Subhas’ contact information is included on the first attachment.

Jody Dupuis
Kerrobert EMS Coordinator
834-2646 ext 229
834-7367 cell

PictoSho Information I (click here)
PictoSho Information II (click here)